Where the Money Goes

CFC is a closed campaign. Meaning only those non-profit charities, reviewed annually and declared CFC-eligible by local federal-military residents, can receive CFC donations. CFC is predominantly a "designation-driven" campaign. All funds contributed that are not designated to a specific organization or federation are treated as undesignated funds and distributed to organizations in the same proportion as they received designations. Organizations that do not receive designated dollars cannot receive any portion of the undesignated distribution.

Here are results of the 2015 Campaign. These amounts include share of the undesignated funds.

Designations by Section (National/International, International, Local)

America's Charities
American Red Cross
Arts Federation
Animal Charities of America
CancerCURE of America
Catholic Service Organizations of America
Charities Under 1% Overhead
Charities Under 5% Overhead
Child Aid USA
Children First - America's Charities
Children's Charities of America
Children's Medical & Research Charities of America
Christian Aid USA
Christian Charities USA
Christian Children's Charities
Christian Service Charities
Community Health Charities
Conservation and Preservation Charities of America
Diabetes Charities of America
Earth Share
Educate America!
Family and Health Charities
Health and Medical Research Charities of America
Health First - America's Charities
Hispanic & Latino Charities of the U.S.
Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America
Human Service Charities of America
Jewish Charities of America
Medical Research Charities
Mental Health and Addiction Network
Military and Civilians United for Peace
Military Family and Veterans Service Organizations
Military Support Groups of America
National Black Federation of Charities
National/International Independent Organizations
Sports Charities USA
Unique and Noteworthy Charities
Wild Animals Worldwide
Women, Children, and Family Service Charities
Total - National/International Groups

Aid for Africa
Build A Better World
Charities Without Borders
Child Aid International
Global Impact
Haiti Aid
International Independent Organizations
Jewish Aid Worldwide
Total - International Groups

Community Health Charities of Florida
Local Independent Organizations
United Way of Coastal Georgia
United Way of Northeast Florida
United Way of St. Johns County
United Way of the Big Bend
United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley
Total - Local Groups

Grand Total